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Tavli is the most beloved game of Greeks. It is played in houses, in cafes, in student hangouts , everywhere! On any occasion, in an afternoon break, during a visit to a friend, on vacation, everyone plays tavli. Who plays tavli, is not related to origin, to the standard of his knowledge, or his financial status. It doesn't matter if you are a rich businessman, low paid pensioner, unemployed, big artist, student, employee or technocrat. In order for you to play tavli, you need to love the game and practice, if you want to become a very good player. Tavli is a fast game. It requires experience, knowledge and fast reflectives. Tavli begins with the characteristic sound of dice. That, and the sound of counters when the players move them , in the wooden frame, give the signal that a game of tavli is played somewhere near . It gives the spark for verbal dispute and teases, with the attendance of all the company during the tavli game.


Tavli set, sometimes is a very unique article. With decoration or not, wooden, by leather, by metal, big or small. Tavli has always its place in our homes and in our hearts. Have a look in some photos with some special tavlis that are circulated all over the world. Tavli ( backgammon ) sets!

Do you like tavli game and you think that you are a strong players and your skills are unique in global level?. Try to play tavli with palyers from all over the world for real money. Play tavli for real money!

The experts disagree. The opinions colide. Did Achilles and Ajax playing a tavli game in all these ancient pictures?


Tavli and art. "Fishing for salmon, losing at backgammon (tavli) or Isn't it a pity". A very sensitive song by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin.


Tavli is a very old game, which comes from East Mediterranean and the civilizations of Mesopotamia. Although there are many mentions in history and in archeological findings, the origin of tavli has not been searched in depth and the conclusions that every author is making are a little bit arbitraries...tavli history

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